About Webpop

Handcraft Heroic Websites in the Cloud

Webpop was built from the ground up to support how web artisans and their clients work together. It’s roots stem from an internal platform at a largely successful web design shop in Spain, where it streamlined the production of over 10,000 websites. Webpop has come a long way to where it is today, the most advanced CMS for creating custom, high performance websites that the lay person can easily manage.

Since day one, we've stuck to our values. No one should ever have to compromise on their vision just because they can’t afford a team of programmers or because of a restrictive CMS

We head to work at our San Francisco headquarters every morning with an eye to the future. As the web continues to grow and evolve we continue to integrate best practices and new features that empower web artisans to express their creativity and collaborate well with non-technical clients.

Meet the Executive Team

Passionate about moving the web forward.

  • Mathias Biilmann

    The driving force behind the creation of Webpop. Likes to ride his bike and write Haskell.

  • Michael Ruescher
    Michael Ruescher

    Designer, Developer & Marketeer. He is Webpop’s Paul Revere.

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