Webpop Featured on TechCrunch

Mathias Biilmann

Last tuesday Webpop hit the frontpage of TechCrunch as Rip Empson did a great writeup of our product.

One of the great things about Webpop is not having to worry about large spikes in traffic. Getting featured on a large tech site can easily kill the performance of a self-hosted CMS if everything hasn't been carefully tuned and optimized. So how did Webpop fare?

From the moment the TechCrunch story hit the frontpage our built-in real-time analytics showed a huge spike in traffic. By the end of the day more than 3,000 visitors had dropped by webpop.com and we served up more than 16,000 page views. Fortunately we were well prepared for it.

At the peak of the traffic spike New Relic (an external monitoring service for Ruby applications) showed that our application servers were pushing out more than 2,000 requests per minute, but with constant low response times averaging at 13.5 ms per request.

Any site running on Webpop will be more than ready for TechCrunch. Our infrastrucutre has been built from the ground up to be scalable and performant. While we've known that for a while by running load tests against our production infrastructure during our beta, it's nice to be able to demonstrate it with real traffic.

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