Dashboard Redesign


Webpops project dashboard has been updated with a whole new look, improved UI and room for new features that are on the horizon. We also overhauled the underlying database infrastructure a bit. Here's a list of changes:

Project Dashboard
  • No more Market tab.
  • Forms, Stats & Users are now sub tabs of the project Dashboard itself.
  • Real time stats summary in the Dashboard sidebar.
  • Access full project history from the Dashboard Overview.
Project Listing
  • Recent projects are now a distinct layout mode along with a pure list & thumbnail mode.

Screenshot of the new project listings:

Webpop Project Listing

Here's the old one for comparison:

Old Webpop Project Listing

  • Description fields are now optional, they can be deleted.
Under the Hood
  • An internal database overhaul has reduced the number of schemas we store by 93%! You should see much faster project duplication now.
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