Start using SVG on your sites!

Michael Ruescher


We've just added SVG support in the Webpop content manager. You and your clients can start using SVG in image fields and in the Rich Text Editor today! They will uploaded and cached by Akamai just like any other  media assets uploaded to Webpop. Here's why you shoud start using SVG in your websites today:

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. They make an excellent addition to any modern website because they load faster than regular images since they have a much smaller filesize. The mustache SVG shown above weights in at just 1.7kb!

They are also infinetely scalable, so they're great for doing responsive design since they will never get pixelated.

The most common way to create SVG's is probably still Adobe Illustrator. But one of the really cool aspects of SVG is that you can also create and control them programatically!

There is a popular Javascript library called D3 which that does exactly that. Here's an example of what you can do with it:

If you have some jpeg or png images that are flat and monotone, they may be a good candidate to turn into an SVG, you can try out this free online tool to Convert Images to SVG.

If you really want to learn the internals of SVG, the SVG elements documentation from Mozilla is a good place to start.

Browser support for SVG is pretty good, anything above IE8 will work.

We're looking forward to seeing the creative ways that you'll make use of SVG in your sites!

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