Asset Bundling Improvements

Mathias Biilmann

The Cogs of Server Side JavascriptLast week we pushed out an important update to our asset bundling pipeline.

The most important change is that we now minify your CSS when you use the <pop:bundle> tag. Before we would only minfy Javascript, but with the bundling update we've extended that to CSS. In general CSS doesn't benefit as much from minification as JS, since Javascript minifiers can actually shorten function and variable names. On the other hand often stylesheets includes lots of comments and all these will be stripped during minification, shaving off precious bytes from the download.

Another big feature for CSS bundling is handling @imports. Import directives can be a really convenient way of structuring your stylesheets (especially if you're not using SASS), but traditionally they have been bad for performance. Now we'll inline any imported stylesheets when bundling your CSS – making @import directives a viable option for organizing your CSS.

Apart from this, we've fixed several bugs related to relative paths in referenced assets. So if this has been giving you trouble, check if the rewamped asset pipeline fixed it.

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