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Custom domains

Configure a Custom Domain for your project.

Set your project up to use a custom domain by clicking 'edit' in the top of your project dashboard and entering your domain into the Custom Domain field.

Point your domain at Webpop

Next you need to point your domain at Webpops servers. The simplest way to do this is to take advantage of the one-click Webpop domain configuration offered by

Otherwise, set up at least one of the following DNS records with your current domain registrar:

  • An A record for your domain pointing to our servers' IP address
  • A CNAME record for a subdomain pointing to

Differences between A and CNAME records

A records (or AAAA records for IPv6 addresses) can only point to IP addreses. Create an A record for pointing to if you want your site URL to be

CNAME records can only point to a subdomain. Create a CNAME record for pointing to if you want your URL to be

We recommend setting up both an A record for and a CNAME record for Then edit your Webpop project and enter in the custom domain field. This way both and will work. Requests to will be automatically redirected with a permanent redirect to so your content will not be duplicated in search engines.

What happens to the project Development URL when I use a custom domain?

The white label development URL gets redirected to your custom domain with a permanent 301 redirection. Using a permanent redirection ensures all search engines "see" the new address and forget the white label development URL.

All your versions of the site design will still be available at:

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