Pop Tags

Extensions Overview

Go beyond the built-in functionality with server-side JS.

You can extend the Webpop core platform with your own server-side Javascript. Extensions are Common.js modules which are evaluated on server and can return values in your templates with the familiar Pop Tags syntax.

If you've never written server side JavaScript before, don't worry, it's just like writing regular client side JS.

The main difference is you will need to familiarize yourself with using <pop:log/> in order to pipe .log() statements from the serverside environment out to your browser console.

But if you work through some of the examples here try implementing some of the sample extensions in our extensions Github repo you'll be well on your way to utilizing this powerful part of the Webpop toolkit.

Here's some examples of intersting stuff you can do with Webpop extensions:

The limits of what you can do with serverside extensions are only your creativity and Javascript skills. And there has never been a better time to embrace Javascript. Read on to get started!

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