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File Fields

The file field is similar to the image field. It adds a file widget to the form, letting users upload new files or select existing files. Uploaded files are kept separately from the public design files and are served out of the Akamai CDN.

Using a file field in a template is also similar to using an image field. Lets take a file field simply called “file”. The basic way of using it in a template is simply using the field as a tag:


This will output a link to the file.

To get more detailed control over how the file is presented, open up <pop:file> and use <pop:src>, <pop:size> or <pop:title> inside of it.

<a href="<pop:src/>" class="file">Download File</a>

Access & Upload Files with the Rich Text Editor

Files uploaded to Webpop are stored in a centralized File Browser, which behaves in the same manner as the Image Browser. You can link to and upload files to the File Browser via the rich text editor, by clicking on the 'link' icon and selecting 'file' in the dialog which appears.

File Links in Rich Text Editor

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