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Custom Field Basics

Making your content model fit your project

So far we’ve seen how you can use templates to display your sections, entries and categories as a web site. Each content, whether it’s a section, an entry or a category, has a title, a description and a body field by default.

This is fine for very simple sites with very basic content that can mostly be handled by the rich text editor for the body field. For most real sites, however, you’ll want to tailor-make your content types to your project.

Creating Custom Fields

When viewing a section you’ll see a small “Edit Fields” button in the upper right corner of the content area. This lets you choose which fields the section should consist of. You’ll see the same button when viewing an entry or category listing. In this case the button lets you choose the fields for that entry/category in the list.

In the next part of this guide we’ll cover each of the different field types, what they mean, and how to use them in your templates.

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