Webpop is a cloud hosted CMS for handcrafting really practical, high performance websites.

Webpop was started as an in-house tool for a large design agency in Spain, where it began as a tool for streamlining the workflow of web designers and making content management dead simple for clientsFrom the very beginning, the Webpop team recognized the fast evolution of web browsers and decided to create an entirely cloud-based toolset.

Taking the whole development workflow to the cloud resulted in such big efficiency gains in productivity and collaboration that the decision was made by to launch an independant company in San Francisco with Webpop as it's product in 2010.

There are two parts to Webpop, a content manager for organizing and creating dynamic site content and a code editor with built-in auto-completion of Webpop's own template language, Pop Tags. This combintation of tools really streamlines the process of building rich content-backed websites while still giving designers full control over the final markup.

Webpop runs on truly next generation cloud architecture. Using MongoDB in the Rackspace cloud makes for a highly scalable and distributed backend capable of withstanding intense traffic spikes. The entire system is hooked into the Akamai CDN to automatically cache and serve site assets as intelligently as possible to any part of the world.

Check out this interview with Webpop co-founder and CEO, Mathias Billman.

From there on, our story is the story of our users who are building exciting new sites with Webpop everyday!

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