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  • Professant

    We help people, teams and organizations do things better on the web.
    • A responsive design that combines down-to-earth imagery with a clean layout. Emphasizes readability across many devices.

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  • Leap Logic Creative

    Refocusing Brands Online
    • Rusty Bellies

      Rusty Bellies is a premier dining destination for locals and tourists in Tarpon Springs, FL. Site includes 6 custom layouts, fully responsive, client managed menu, event system, Instagram feed and more. Development time: 6 weeks

    • Doss Dental

      Derek Doss of Doss Dental in Central Alabama creates a unique blend of technology and friendliness at his practice. Site includes 5 layouts, team gallery, custom forms and a lot of personality.

    • South Oak Title Company

      South Oak Title of Birmingham, AL is a title company that leverages technology with service. Site includes 8 layouts, rate calculator, fully responsive, custom forms, mail module and more.

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  • CreoPark

    CreoPark is a small creative digital agency.
    • Adam Douglas

      The client wanted a site with a clean and subtle design. Basic band functionality is implemented. The site is responsive with Zurbs' Foundation.

    • Det Gode Selskap

      The client needed a site to organize and present all of the different menues, locations and services. Responsive code.

    • Flo Scandinavia

      Eyewear company product site. Nice try-on feature page.

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  • 451 Graphic Design

    Freelance designer with thirty years of experience in the sector.
    • Lola Fonseca

      Product catalog of silk handmade painting workshop. Responsive design over Foundation Zurb framework.

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  • Liz Yokum Design & Development

    Creating intuitive & enjoyable user experiences.
    • Rock Candy Holds

      Rock Candy Holds designs, manufacture and market rock climbing holds for indoor climbing facilities. The website redesign is part of a multimedia effort to position Rock Candy as a lifestyle brand within the climbing community.

    • George & Elma Graphic Design Studio

      George & Elma are an amazing design duo based out of Whitefish, Montana. They approached me with a killer design for their portfolio site that they needed developed into a website. Cross-browser compatibility, slick transitions, and multi-device fluidity were high...

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  • Lane 7 Creative

    Think. React. Create
    • Stephanie Collins Photography

      Photography portfolio site built to show images to prospective clients. Parts of this site are password protected. Simple, intuitive, and easy for photographers to upload and manage. Complete fluid grid layout.

    • Van Dyke Church Student Ministries

      Description: Student Ministry site for local church. Needed a platform where over 8 different people could all edit the site but place limits on where they could edit. These 8 people only knew how to surf the web, but they love webpop!

    • One Ballon One Village

      Needed a layout to convey a message and hold significant content. I needed a CMS to allow the client to edit but not break the important layout and Webpop delivered. Complete fluid grid layout.

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  • Webquest Ltd

    Design, marketing, content management & simple website packages to provide your online presence.
    • Institute of Golf

      Our customer asked us to “profile” their business, and provide transparency of services.

    • Pro Space

      This was a complete new design and build, for a international company that really wanted to showcase their skills and past projects

    • Lydia Ko

      Here we had a 15 year old girl ranked as the number 1 amateur golfer in the world – the key here was to not only profile her as a golfer but also present her as an individual

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  • Camenisch Creative

    Maker, especially of web applications and sites.

      On a tight budget, we adapted some existing open-source template code, and created created extensions in Webpop to implement this site from scratch.


      We migrated this small site to Webpop to ease ongoing editing and management.

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  • 8legd

    Don't get caught in the web. Be a spider, not a fly.
    • KindWater

      8legd helped Kindwater build this site for their water softener business developing custom Webpop extensions included a grid rendering extension allowing the client to modify the layout of their pages through Wepop's great on site editor.

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  • Bamboo Studio

    Beautiful websites and web applications hand crafted by artisans of the web
    • Monetizing People Marketing Las Vegas

      Mobilizing People Marketing is a video and social marketing business here in Las Vegas that were working on their site part time, with no experience and, sadly, on the wordpress platform. We turned it into a simple, elegant, easily edited, cloud hosted beast with...

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